Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Estelle's first veggies

She's been eating rice cereal for a couple weeks now. This is her eating something new...carrots...


Things have been a bit crazy lately. We found a new house, put an offer on it, and have listed our current home for sale. We're signing on the new house in 5 days.

In other news, Estelle ate baby food carrots yesterday. I wasn't the one to do the feeding, but according to mom, she liked them. At first she made a funny face, but after a few bits was opening her mouth for more.

Last weekend, TJ and I photographed a wedding in Chicago. Estelle did quite well on the trip. She cried a little in the car, but slept most of the time. At the wedding, she was an angel. Slept a lot and even when she was awake, she was content to play with her toys. At the reception she decided to practice her vocal skills and spent 10 minutes squealing at rediculously high pitches. Everyone thought it was cute. TJ and I got to practice our dancing at the reception too. We waltzed through an entire song before we realized everyone else had stopped dancing and was watching us. When TJ dipped me at the end of the song, we were appluaded. And we weren't even that great! Lol.