Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting Close?

I hate to get my hopes up, but last night and today I've been having the faintest cramps. So far I've seen no pattern in my BH contractions, but I wonder if the cramps means something is about to happen. I sure hope so.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Maniac With a Broom

These past couple days I have been absolutely insane with my desire to clean.

Tuesday I mowed the lawn, although it hurt like crazy even walking so I'm insane for mowing. I must have looked pretty pathetic out there waddling around my front yard because Rose, our elderly neighbor came over to help. She actually took the mower from me and finished the lawn while I swept up the clippings. Such a sweetheart. When that was finished, I fertilized the grass. Don't worry I used the dry kind in the spreader... no harsh chemicals in the air that way.

Wednesday I got out the weed-wacker and did all the trim in the front yard until my arms were killing me, then swept the sidewalks and driveway.

Today has been the worst though. I've been working like a maniac cleaning inside the house. So far I've washed all the sheets and blankets, finished three loads of regular laundry, washed the living room windows, vaccumed the living room, swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom, washed the dishes, re-organized the laundry room, dusted the living room furniture, and mopped the front portch. There is still much to be done, but progress is slow. I'm still in pain so it's a killer going up and down the stairs. But, I'm determined to get this place in tip-top shape before baby Estelle arrives.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


No, I haven't started labor yet, but I have been suffering from extreme amounts of pain in my pelvis. Basically it feels like somebody took a hammer and whacked me in my crotch causing shooting pain anytime I walk or lift a leg. This started a couple weeks ago and has gotten progressively worse. It is to the point now where I can hardly roll over in bed, dread the thought of going upstairs, and walk so slow that elderly folks with walkers pass me up at the grocery store. If you placed a plate full of delicious chocolate cake in front of me but told me I'd have to get up and walk over to get it, I very well might skip the cake just to avoid the pain involved with getting to it. That's how bad it is. And anyone who knows about me and my love for chocolate knows it's serious business when it surpasses my desire for chocolate.

At first, I assumed this was a normal part of pregnancy, but after a little online research, I found that this condition has a name... Simphisis Pubic Dysfunction. Here is one article I found....

And, just so you can know how serious this is, here is a picture of the chocolate cake I would deny myself:

Monday, April 23, 2007

Still Pregnant?

Every week I lead songs in the three-year-old Sunday school class. Yesterday, in class, little Josiah gave me an odd look before saying "Hey, your tummy is really big!". I smiled and asked him if he knew why my tummy was so big. When he shook his head "no", I went on to tell him that there was a baby growing in there. At that, his eyes got really big. I think he thinks I ate a baby. Lol.

I can't walk through church without being people saying "You're still here?" or "Haven't you had that baby YET?" or "Still hanging in there I see". I bet if I counted how many remarks like that I've recieved it would be close to 15 yesterday alone. It's getting a little old. Obviously I'm "still here"... you can see me can't you. And of course I haven't had that baby yet, I'm still fat aren't I? And no, I'm not "hanging in there"... the baby is. And there is one lady, I'm not going to mention names, who finds the need to laugh every Sundy morning when I first walk in, then she'll make some gesture indicating that she's laughing at my large belly. I can't quite figure out what's so funny. Ok. Vent over.

In other news, I have lost a couple pounds this past week. I forgot to mention it in my last post, but when I went to the doc on Friday I was back down to 159. It had been 161 the week before. So, that was pretty exciting. Maybe I won't explode afterall!

Oh, and I got to talk over details of my birth plan with my doc too. There was only one point that she didn't agree on and that was use of IV drip for hydration. I'd rather avoid being tethered to a metal pole and bag of sugar water but she really feels it's neccessary. I guess I can tolerate that. She is the doctor afterall. On the bright side, it was encouraging to hear that she has delivered babies to couples who have used the Bradley Method before, so she is familiar with the techniques.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Progress Update

I had a doc appointment today. Looks like everything is going well so far. Estelle is still head down and I'm 1 cm dialated. I know it's not much, but it's progress! At least I can know all these braxton hicks contractions aren't being wasted. Lol.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Late Night Scare

Last night little Estelle gave us a scare. She hadn't been moving as much during the day as she usually does, so when I laid down for bed, which is her favorite time to move a lot, and she still didn't move I started to get worried. I tried changing positions, which normally get's her going, but that didn't work. I tried to hear her heartbeat on my fetal heart monitor, as unreliable as it is, and couldn't find her heartbeat. Finally, I laid back and TJ and I tried moving her around but still couldn't get movement. At that point, we started to get worried, so I called the hospital. They told us to come in so they could do a non-stress test to make sure everything is ok.

After what seemed like forever, we finally got to the hospital where they hooked me up to an external fetal monitor. What a relief it was to hear her heartbeat good and strong. I was then instructed to mark whenever I felt movement. She did finally end up moving a bit. The test lasted an hour and everything looked good so they sent us home.

Although it turned out to be a long night for us, I did feel a lot better after hearing her heartbeat and being confirmed that all was well. I wouldn't have been able to sleep had I not gone in, so I guess it's good that we made the trip out to the hospital, even if it didn't turn out to be neccessary. Better safe than sorry.

Friday, April 13, 2007

36 Week Belly Pics

A photographer friend of mine was looking to try out some new maternity poses for display. TJ and I were obliged to help. Here are the pics....

Photos by: Gerry Frierdich of Crafty Eye Photography (

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Birth Plan

I met with, Angela, the nurse practitioner, yesterday because the doc is out of town. The appointment went well and I got to hear Estelle's heartbeat again. That's always fun. Angela said I haven't started dialating yet, so I guess my soreness yesterday was just tired muscles.

I measured myself around my belly again... 44 inches now. And I weigh something like 159 lbs!

Also, I think I'm starting to come up with some idea of what I want for my birth. I've been reading a book about pain relief that lists all of the pros and cons of each pain relief method including side effects and possible complications of all the drugs. This has basically solidified my desire to have an un-drugged birth. I've always got the option of an epidural but I hope not to need it. There are just too many negative side effects and possible complications. So, instead TJ and I are learning the Bradly method of natural childbirth. I'm also going to ask if my doctor might be able to use a local anesthetic when I start the pushing stage. I figure I'd probably tear and need the local anesthetic during stitches anyways, so I'll just ask if she can give me the shot at the beginning of the pushing stage to ease some of the pain in pushing and tearing. I know it won't kill the pain of contractions, but I figure that small amount of relief might make a difference. I am not going into this foolishly optimistic. I know that my birth will be one of extreme pain and physical strain. That's why I am working so hard right now to prepare myself with coping methods. I also know that epiduarals and other medications have many, many longer lasting side effects that I simply do not want. I would rather endure a few hours of extreme pain than risk the potential problems involved with drugs. Not to mention, women who have natural childbirth expriences feel a whole lot better after birth and recover more quickly than those who used drugs. So that's the plan for now. It is subject to change.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pelvic Pain

Yesterday I started feeling pain and pressure in my lower pelvic region. I'm not sure what exactly cuased it, but my vaginal area is still sore. I had two photo sessions yesterday, both of which involved a good amount of walking, and I kinda wonder if that's what brought this on. I had been mildy sore throughout the day but I was able to ignore it for the most part. Then, at the end of my second session, I had squated to take some pictures and when I got back up, it really hit me. I greatly appreciated the long drive home because it allowed me to sit and rest for a bit.

I'll deffinately be asking about this at my doc appointment tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Good Baby

Well guys. I had another doc appointment on Friday and was pleased to find out that baby Estelle is facing head-down like she's supposed to be. My doc says that at this point, if they are head-down, they usually stay that way until delivery. So, I'll probably be able to try giving birth the natural way. This makes me very happy as I do not like the idea of having my belly sliced open.

Also, I finally managed to hear Estelle's heartbeat on my personal fetal heart monitor thingy. Those things are crap by the way. I paid $20 for that thing hoping I'd hear her heartbeat "months before my due date"... only to try faithfully with no results until I was in my 35th week! Still, TJ and I were pleased to finally hear her little heart beating away. I wanted to try to record it and post it on here, but since that morning she must have changed positions because I haven't been able to catch it again. Little stinker. I'll keep trying though and will hopefully have a recording before Estelle makes her grand appearance.

Other than that, not much has been happening. I am officially the size of a small whale, weighing in at close to 30 lbs more than my pre-pregnancy weight. Yikes! Deffinately did not expect to gain this much. I thought I would gain 20.. maybe 25 lbs. I can't say I wasn't warned though. The internet articles DID say that underweight women should expect to gain more than is normal as their body compensates. I was borderline underweight, so maybe that's why. Everyone tells me it's "all belly" though, so I guess I'm ok.

My back is killing me and bedtime involves a 4 pillow stacking ritual in which I stretegically place my pillows before carefully waddle-crawling into just the right spot. TJ finds this amusing.

Aside from that, I'm loving this part of the pregnancy. It's not hardly as bad as some women make it out to be. Before I got pregnant, I thought for sure that by this stage in the pregnancy I would have to stop doing anything and my time would be spent laying on a couch fanning myself and praying for an early delivery. So far that hasn't happened. But who knows, it could happen yet. I've still got a few weeks left afterall.....