Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Update at 7 months

I have been terrible at updating this blog, and I appologize. Things have been so busy lately and I keep intending to update, but never getting around to it. So, I figure a brief update is better than no update.

Estelle is 7 months old now. She's adorable as can be, can sit up on her own, and has recently started the army crawl. She's close to crawling like normal, but can't figure out how to lift her arms and move them forward one at a time. I'm sure she'll learn soon enough, and then what will I do? I'm not sure I want an entirely mobile baby.

Estelle enjoyed her first snow on Saturday. Her snowsuit left her somewhat immobile so she couldn't exactly crawl around or play, but she did seem to enjoy looking around and tasting the snow.