Thursday, May 31, 2007

She Smiled!

I know that babies aren't supposed to smile until around 6 weeks, but I really think she smiled today (at three weeks). I've seen her grimace from gas before, and that looks kinda like a smile, but this was different. She seemed excited and made a happy noise while she busted out the biggest smile. Then, when I smiled and talked back to her, she did it again! I got like three or four smiles out of her. If only I could have caught it on camera....

Sunday, May 20, 2007


My issues with breastfeeding started immediately. At the hospital, Estelle was too sleepy after birth and wouldn't stay awake for a full feeding. (I blame the drugs) We kept trying and only ended up frustraited. Finally, before leaving the hospital, the lactation consultant gave me a "game plan" to use until breastfeeding was established. The plan was for me to offer the breast at each feeding. If she took it, great. If not, I would feed her expressed milk and then I would pump and store new milk for the next feeding if she refused again.

When I got home, the plan worked and soon enough Estelle was taking the breast only. However, a new problem arose in place of the old one. Engorgement... which is supposed to last only a day or two after the milk comes in. Well... it didn't. Turns out, I have what's known as "overabundant milk supply"... meaning I produce too much milk. Every time I want to feed her, I have to express some milk BEFORE I feed her in order to soften things up so she can latch. Otherwise, the breasts are too hard for her to get a good latch. In only a couple minutes of expressing, I'm usually getting a few ounces per side. I know it doesn't seem like much... but when you consider how often this happens during they day, you will see that it adds up... fast. I've only been home from the hospital for a week and I've already stored 17 5oz bags of milk. That's more than 2 bottles full per day! I've now started just dumping the extra milk as there's no more room in my freezer and I've already got enough frozen to last though quite a few babysitting feedings.

I'm now trying to decrease my milk supply by avoiding expressing whenever possible. I let her try to latch before I pump now.. although it rarely works. And I've given up pumping between feedings... which I occasionally did for rellief. (engorgement hurts!) I'm just hoping my supply decreases soon. I leak all the time an it's gotten to be quite annoying.