Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Summer of Fun

So TJ has declared this summer to be our "summer of fun". We intend to spend lots of time with our girls doing all sorts of fun things this summer. This'll be the first summer in a while that I'm not either preganant or post-partem so I'm looking forward to enjoying it.

Yesterday I filled up the pool in the backyard. Estelle and Viv played in the pool with their cousin Keaton, then we picked mulberries from the two giant tress out back. By the time we were done both girls had blue stained mouths and fingers. To finish the day off we all went to Thips with Beth, James, and their little ones.

Today we took the girls out to Eckherts. Although there was no picking in season, we got to play a round of mini golf and ride on the tricycles before stopping by the country store. The girls loved pushing the kiddie carts around the store and picking out salt-water taffy. To complete our trip we had lunch in the resutrant. Estelle and Vivian both LOVED the apple butter and rolls. And I got to see Jane, an old co-worker from 9 years ago when I worked at McDonalds. She was working there at the resturant and stopped by our table to say hi as we were finishing up.

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askauntesther said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Keep an eye on the peaches for me - It would be perfectly fine for you to pick some up for me then!